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Teak Carpet Panels 

Teak carpet solutions come on a roll in a variety of widths and material choices – woven vinyl, pile carpet or composite carpet. Customers can choose the best material for the intended use. MCPmarine will come and template the cockpit of your boat in order to cut the carpet to the required shape, edge bind if required and attach the necessary fastenings to fit.

Composite Panels

Composite teak carpet is a unique floor covering available in a variety of visually appealing designs which combine the best features of both vinyl and carpet. The nylon fibres in composite teak carpet stand completely upright preventing dirt and allergens getting stuck in the pile. It is unlike any other composite marine flooring providing comfort, durability and slip resistance. Other carpet material will commonly soak up stains but composite teak carpet is 100% waterproof and spillages will settle on the impervious backing to allow easy clean ups. In addition, this teak carpet has superb heat retention so it will retain warmth making it pleasant to walk on barefoot. The excellent sound insulation will deaden engine vibration noise in the cockpit making life that little more pleasant afloat. These easy cleaning and sound insulation properties combined with the durability of a vinyl make this material perfect for cockpit and general boat flooring. 

teak carpet solutions - composite teak carpet

Woven Vinyl Panels

Woven vinyl teak carpet is becoming increasingly popular as a practical, versatile and desirable flooring product for boats with strong demand also coming from residential, commercial, and the leisure industry. The popularity of woven vinyl began in the marine industry as boat manufacturers began to move away from more traditional and difficult to clean pile carpet. This exciting new anti microbial flooring product that looks great both indoors and outdoors. It is best finished with a binding edge.

Teak carpet solutions - Woven vinyl teak carpet

Pile Carpet Panels

Pile teak carpet is a polypropelene indoor/outdoor pile carpet able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and provide excellent floor protection. It is a versatile product that is found in a variety of surroundings. It is is made of high quality materials and was principally developed for use in water sports, swimming pools and homes.The product can be found widely in boats, caravans, cars, patios and exhibitions. It can be cleaned using a variety of cleaning agents either wet or dry. It is best finished with a binding edge.


Teak carpet solutions - pile carpet