Frequently asked questions about synthetic teak marine decking

Does synthetic teak decking discolour in the sun?
The leading brands are  UV stabilised outdoor grade PVC which contains a colour fast pigment and inbuilt graining effect that is totally convincing and will therefore retain its classic looks for many years.
How do I maintain my synthetic teak decking?

Looking after your synthetic teak deck couldn’t be easier. Everyday spills such as oil or red wine can simply be wiped up without trace. For more stubborn areas use it in conjunction with a jet wash. On the rare occasion that all else fails, gently rubbing a piece of 40 grit sandpaper “along the grain” will remove all evidence and have your deck back to looking its best.

Does synthetic teak get very hot in the sun?
Synthetic teak will get warmer than a white fiberglass deck due to its darker color. Temperatures compare to that of a real teak wood deck. We also offer cream caulking which reduces the heat temperature of the decking. As most boaters who are used to southern summers already know, spraying a teak deck with water will cool it down without fear of making it slippery.
Is your synthetic teak slippery when wet?

No, superb traction, much better than non-skid patterns molded into the fiberglass. It actually offers a more traction when it is wet than when it is dry. Many of our customers have purchased Tecdeks simply because it is non-slip.

Do the panels tolerate snow and ice and strong heat over the years?
Yes, our product tolerates ice, snow and strong heat and will not be damaged if exposed to these conditions.
Does the caulking come in different color choices?

Caulking comes in silver, cream or black.

What should I use to clean it ?

PVC is virtually maintenance free. 

Still have a question?
For any enquiries related to our synthetic teak marine decking please get in touch.