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ECO-Deck Panels

ECO Alternative Decks Panels are softer and more comfortable form of Decking Material. They are a natural and practical alternative to PVC Synthetic Teak made of a completely Natural Rubber/Cork material from Deckfab.

Composite Cork Decking


The Deck may need a lot of preparation before any templating can be carried out. Often rotten teak or other tired deck surface coverings will need removing first. Teak removal services are also offered


Templates are converted into an electronic vector file. Once the correct format has been produced the Composite Cork/Rubber material is ready for machining. Some boat builders may already have appropriate vector files for us to machine the decks directly.

Eco – Deck Panels

Panels are fabricated to the correct shape using a CNC machine. Once the decks are machined they are caulked in a traditional way and supplied ready for fitting. As a natural product they will need seasonal  oiling

Composite Cork Templating
Composite Cork Fitting