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Synthetic Teak Decks

Synthetic Teak Material

When it comes to the Synthetic Teak Decks on your boat take advice and use Professional Fitters.

Over the years we have fitted numerous Synthetic Teak Decks using a wide variety of different synthetic teak materials and have accumulated a huge amount of experience. Some raw materials are better than others depending on different applications. A deck that looks good at the start may not be as durable or look as good a few years down the line Key features to look for.

Aesthetics – The best synthetic teak extrusions have the characteristics of a traditional teak deck and we only choose the most realistic looking extrusions. We choose Tecdecking material

Durability – Some materials are not as durable as others because they have additives that reduce the effectiveness of the welding process we no longer use materials containing additives. We choose Tecdecking material.

Fabrication Skills

Making a deck is a highly skilled job as the new deck must be properly prepared by hand, cut, joined, welded and tailored so it is a precision fit. We make our decks ‘in house” by highly experienced, seasoned professionals. We deliver consistent, outstanding results. The fabricator’s skill level is a key factor in the making of your deck and it his craftsmanship will have a direct impact on the feel, durability, aesthetics, lifespan & general overall impression of your finished deck. All our decks are fabricated by Beautiful Marine Floors who have a team of highly experienced welders and assemblers.

2g Synthetic Teak Decking Chichester by MCP Marine
2g Synthetic Teak Decking Chichester by MCP Marine
2g Synthetic Teak Decking Chichester by MCP Marine


Good “fitters” tend to be naturally conscientious individuals who are meticulous and patient. They have to produce a very detailed & precise template outlining the nuances and aesthetic considerations. Minor inaccuracies can influence the end result and so a good fitter will methodically prepare the surfaces carefully before laying down the final finished deck. Fitters performances often depend on their eye for detail & their insistence on striving for a beautifully refined, high quality finish.

We have a team of fitters that have those fastidious qualities and produce great results. With both customer and trade recommendations going back many years, We have a proven track record, so you can rest assured you will get top quality workmanship throughout all aspects of the marine decking process.

We Service all Synthetic Teak & Marine Flooring Requirements

Being the leading Marine Flooring Company in the UK, our unmatched experience in this highly specialized industry have taught us that delivering a custom boat deck requires craftsmen in each and every department. Single owner operator companies generally consist of an individual who attempts to do everything including the templating and fabricating and fitting. In contrast,  we utilise the best processes and performing materials to consistently deliver outstanding new synthetic teak decks in good time. Click for frequently asked questions and information on deck maintenance